WizardGPT talking with player

A distinctive approach to chatbots using generative AI

As the founder of Linguineo, a voicebot company focused on language learning and open-ended conversations, I believe in the potential of AI to contribute to the greater good. But the explosion of generative AI chatbots raises pertinent questions about how to manage the darker side of simulating human intelligence. In this blog post, I’ll write about one specific approach to control the risk of chatbots and make conversational AI explainable.

not so perfect generated image for a human in the loop

The human in the loop, and why it’s a problem

Generative AI is sparking the democratization of AI and a workplace revolution. While AI is becoming ever more sophisticated, you can be certain that AI won’t replace humans. However, a human using AI might replace one who doesn’t. The “human in the loop” using AI as a productivity tool is going to have a huge advantage over those who don’t know how to use AI effectively.

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