Demystifying generative text AI

When I first planned to start this blog I had in mind to talk about my personal views on generative language technology. However, after sending my first draft to friends, family and colleagues, it soon became clear that some background information about generative text AI itself was needed first.

So my first challenge is to offer an introduction and simple explanation about generative text AI.

Where I live, in Flandres, Belgium, Michiel Vandendriessche of Raccoons, Geertrui Mieke De Ketelaere and Steven Latré are doing a good job at this already. What I’d like to add is a look under the hood while still keeping it understandable. So this is for all the folks who are flabbergasted by the wonder of generative text AI and wonder how and where the magic happens. Warning: if you’re not genuinely interested in it, this will be boring.

@Awesome Linguineo Team: I’m sorry, required reading for you guys.

Xavier, same for you.

There is a lot of ground to cover, so I split this introduction up in 5 different articles:

  1. What is artificial intelligence, what is machine learning and what is deep learning?
  2. What are artificial neural networks?
  3. How are words presented in generative text ai?
  4. What is generative text AI?
  5. Is ChatGPT just using next word prediction?

If you can answer one of the above questions yourself, best to skip that part and move straight to the next question.

Sometimes I’m adding technical notes specifically for Xavier. They can be skipped.

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